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environmental responsibility

Terra Sol cares about the environment
We believe that at some point we have to give back the favors received from this wonderful and rich environment.

Protected Areas:
Our plantations have strategic located areas, where we have opted to leave nature up it´s on way. No crop is planted here. These “green spots” fill an area of 40 ha with native forest.
These strategic areas are mainly creeks. The existing green environment helps us protect our water sources.

Our native forest:
Terra-Sol has designated a specific area of 15ha with endemic untouched rainforest.
This is a remain of the original rainforest. This is how the coastal area of Ecuador used to look like 60 years ago, before the big agricultural boom.

The Black Cayman Project ( Melanosuchus niger )
In 1999 Terra Sol conceived this project to preserve and to guarantee the existence of the Black Cayman, was established in the Ecuadorian rainforest area of “El Coca”.

Terra Sol pioneered this project in Ecuador with this captive breeding and reintroduction program and the object includes a program that would benefit local people through a controlled and managed harvest. This should contribute to release some of the pressure of uncontrolled hunting.