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about us

Terra Sol Welcomes you to great business opportunities.
Come, plant, and harvest results as our partner in Terra Sol’s international entrepreneurial vision of superb quality.


Mr. Edward M Evans arrives in Ecuador contracted by the ecuadorian government to install communication systems. Farm “Maria Elena” is acquired, and cacao and pineapples are grown as a “hobby”.

Pineapples (Ananas sativus) are being grown for the first time in Ecuador all-year-round. Production is intended for the local market.

Abaca (Manila hemp) is planted on a large scale and exported to the US, Philippines and other destinations worldwide.

Pineapples are planted on a large scale. The variety then was the “Perolera”.

World prices for Abaca collapsed. The need to diversify was imminent.

During the next years, several new business lines were approached including cattle, and many others. Some of them are still part of Terra Sol´s business lines on a smaller scale.

“Perolera” is replaced by “Cayenne Lisa”.

Planting material for papaya (Carica papaya) is imported from Hawaii. The chosen variety is “Solo Sunrise”.

Abaca´s worldmarket collapsed again.

Nursery for african palm plant is established to supply the ecuadorian growers with quality material. Since the very beginning ASD´s material was used.

Abaca´s commercialization was consolidated under the name “Exporevans” and the rest of the agriculture operations under EME (Edward Milton Evans). Terra Sol is one of the biggest player of Abaca in the world.

“Champaka” projects itself as the new market favorite and begins replacing all the other existing pineapple crops.

The first 120ha of african oil palm are planted in “Hacienda Las Maravillas” in the province of Esmeraldas. This program will continue growing up until these days. Currently this program has a total area of 500ha.

With the growth of the african oil palm project, the need to process and extract the oil appeared as a logical consequence. The raw oil extractor “La Sexta” is adquired to integrate the african oil palm program. Until 2006 Terra Sol was the largest independant oil-palm organization in Ecuador.

750.000 MD-2 seedlings are imported. This new variety projected itself as a revolutionary variety, destined to change the pineapple world.Terra Sol couldn´t stay behind in this evolution. Currently the pineapple program exports about 20.000 boxes of 12kg boxes.

The separate agro – industry operations are all consolidated under the name Terra Sol. Pineapple program is completely replaced by MD-2
The first attempt to export papaya are made. Terra Sol now exports an average of 30.000 4.5kg boxes weekly to the European Community and to Canada.

The raw oil extractor “La Sexta” is sold.