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Abaca Overview
This generous vegetable fiber, was the product with which our agriculture adventure began. Once used, as a strategic product for marine ropes, Abaca is one of the most sought of all cordage fibers where high standards of performance are expected. Very similar to the banana plant it has many uses. One of them is as cordage, and because of the different physical and chemical properties, it is used for Tea bags, coffee filters, meatcasing, air-filters and a wide range of derivative business units.

Terra Sol produces and commercializes this fiber as the principal exporter in Ecuador since 1968. 550 ha are currently under production by Terra Sol and another 1000 ha are commercialized through our organization.

Variety: Abaca

Production Area: 550 ha.

Production Stats:
2003 ā€“ 1,256,877 kg
2004 ā€“ 2,244,640 kg
2005 - 521,621 kg

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