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Nowadays, growing oil palm is a business with attractive returns. However, income can be increased by improving the oil yield of each bunch by efficiently using highly productive planting material and the correct application of current technologies.

Without delving into the technical details of growing oil palm, the formula to be successful in this business is very simple: to use certified seeds with a high potential of production and to use the adequate agro-technology to maximize the genetic potential.

Since 1986, Terra Sol has a commitment to serve the oil palm grower, using only ASD certified seeds in its commercial and production programs.

ASD (Agricultural Services & Development) is a company developing technology for the production of certified high yield oil palm seeds since 1986. Since its beginnings, ASD has supplied more than 127 million seeds (roughly 700.000 ha) in 33 countries of America, Asia and Africa.

After years of experience and work dedicated to the genetic improvement of oil plam, ASD has managed to develop highly productive varieties for diverse environments. These varieties are offered for commercial plantations, after being tested and evaluated for at least 8 years, guaranteeing 99,9% of purity and certified by the Seeds Department of Costa Rica's government.

Terra Sol is the exclusive distributor of ASD in Ecuador.

The oil palm program includes:
- Guaranteed Plants
- High yield certified seeds
- Compact Clones
- Technical Support