Taking care of the environment is more than a commitment, it is a life choice; to this end, we have built environmental programs that help us prevent, control and mitigate the impact of our agricultural activity; among our strategies we can mention the following:


Preserving the existent ecosystems is of utmost importance in our company´s vision. Therefore, we have raised awareness amongst our staff and workers of the importance of preserving life around everything that surrounds us. We have solemnly decided to protect the primary and secondary woods that exist in our current production units, banning timbering and hunting completely inside our fields. Water sources and creeks are also protected with endemic vegetation surrounding them, assuring its current and existing water levels and preserving life.

Important Facts:

In the present, TERRA-SOL CORP S.A. Holds about 362 hectares of conserved areas between its production units and properties.

Between October 2015 and October 2016, a total of 72 hectares of endemic trees were planted.


The conservation of ecosystems is of great importance in the vision of our company; for this reason, we train our people with the purpose of creating awareness of the importance of conserving the life of everything that surrounds us. We have solemnly decided to take charge of protecting the Primary and Secondary Forests found in each of our properties, having prohibitions for the indiscriminate clearing of trees and the hunting of any of the species that inhabit them. The water sources that cross our land have vegetation or live fences around it, thus ensuring its flow and the preservation of existing aquatic life.

Relevant data

Currently, TERRA SOL CORP S.A. has approximately 362 hectares for conservation, considering farms and other properties.

Between October 2015 and October 2016, 72 hectares have been reforested with native species.


To be more efficient every day, we implemented since 2015, the use of production indicators, which help us have a general control of the resources we use to produce our crops. Among these we have: the amount of water, fuel, energy and agrochemicals used, as well as the production of organic and inorganic waste that we generate in our activity.