Until the 1980’s pineapple production in Ecuador was limited to a variety known as “criolla or nacional”, which was the local description for the “perolera” variety.  Subsequently, the variety that dominated the local and export market was “Champaka”, which was grown by Terra-Sol for almost two decades. During the 90’s, “MD-2” positioned itself as the market new favorite, and it was widely accepted at the international markets. By the end of the 90’s, the first seedlings were imported by Terra-Sol, which was the first producer of this variety in Ecuador, recognized by its special sweet flavor and fragrance, setting again the trend in pineapple production.


Today, Terra-Sol continues producing pineapple with the same quality norms and guidelines applied half a century ago, turning it into what many consider “the best pineapple in the world”.


Terra Sol is proud to be the first independent group in Ecuador to obtain the GlobalGAP certification with our farm “San Remo”

All of our farms are GlobalGAP  and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Terra-Sol  follows BSCI ethic standards



Brand: Terra-Sol

Net Weight per box: 12 Kg / 25 Lbs

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Pallet configuration: 75 - 80 boxes per pallet*

Container configuration: 1500-1600 boxes per container*

*40” High Cube Refrigerated Container.