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Variety: MD-2
In 1998, the first MD-2 clonal plantlets  were planted by Terra Sol in Ecuador, the  new industry favorite. Benefiting from one of the most stable and rich environments on the equator, from where we can provide quality sweet pineapples all year round.

Availability: ALL YEAR

Production Stats: (12 kg trays)
2004 – 1,146.019
2005 – 1,271.795
2006 – 1,364.303
2007 – 1,378.784
2008 – 1,350.643

Facts: Incredibly sweet and fragrant, it has twice as much vitamin C than other pineapple varieties!

Brand: Terra-Sol
Net Weight per box: 12 Kg / 25 Lbs
Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Pallet configuration: 75 boxes per pallet *
Container configuration: 1500 boxes per container*

*40” High Cube Refrigerated Container.

Part of this fruit is destined for the fresh cutting and canning industry. All of our Pineapple  farms are GLOBALGAP Certified.