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Variety: Harton, Curaré Enano
Selected planting material was multiplied in the laboratory and the plantations equipped to modern banana organization standards. Making Terra-Sol the first and only supplier in Ecuador of technically grown plantains.

Availability: ALL YEAR

Facts: This ethnic favorite is expected to revolutionize the future of the mainstream market.  It can be consumed at any stage of ripeness, from green to yellow to black.  The riper, the sweeter.  It has an infinite number of preparation methods; as a potato substitute, fried salted or sweet as a dessert…. The options are limited by the imagination.

Brand: Terra-Sol
Net Weight per box: 22 Kg / 50 Lbs
Pallet configuration: 54 boxes per pallet*
Container configuration:  1080 boxes per container *

*40” High Cube Refrigerated Container.
All of our Plantain  farms are GLOBALGAP Certified.