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Quality, Credibility and Innovation

For over 50 years, Terra-Sol has influenced Ecuador’s agriculture like no other company. It is currently the largest producer and exporter of Ecuadorian pineapples amongst a variety of other products that have been part of its business units. Terra Sol has contributed to the technical development of some of Ecuador’s crops like pineapple, papaya, plantain, oil palm, abaca, maracuya, cassava, among others.


Due to this successful path of innovation, Terra-Sol holds high standards of quality and credibility amongst its clients and business partners.


Today, Terra-Sol cultivates about 1.300 has of different crops and employs around 820 people. It is also GlobalGAP, Rainforest Alliance, BASC and BCSI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certified.


In the late 60’s, Cody and Edward Evans arrived in Ecuador and started their agricultural adventure with traditional crops of Ecuador. However, their vision would push them to invest in the development of new crops.


This aim for innovation would drive them to introduce new crops like abaca, maracuya, turmeric, amongst others. Other already existing crops, like pineapple, papaya and cassava, were studied and grown for the first time under technical parameters to obtain maximum results. Also, investigations were carried out to improve production levels of crops such as turmeric, ginger, malanga, cardamom, achiote, macadamia, oil palm, plantain amongst many others.


Today, after over half a century of experience, Terra-Sol is proud to be one of Ecuador’s major agricultural exporters  and one of the country’s most influential and innovating companies in agriculture



- 1959 -

Cody Evans is hired by the American government to supervise a satellite-tracking station in Ecuador.


- 1961 -

Edward Evans meets his brother in Ecuador when contracted by the Ecuadorian Government to install communication systems.


Hacienda María Elena is acquired. This farm would be the starting point of their agricultural enterprise.


Pineapples are grown for the first time all year round in Ecuador and under technical parameters. Before this, pineapple was a seasonal crop. Terra-Sol becomes the oldest formal pineapple producer in South America.


- 1971 -

Abaca is planted on a large scale, and the business expands its production area in subsequent years. At the end of this decade, Terra-Sol is one of the 3 major abaca producers around the world.


- 1978 -

Partnership between the Evans brothers comes to an end, and the cattle business is separated from the farming business.


- 1980 -

First large scale papaya plantations of the Solo Sunrise variety,   are established for the local market.  These varieties change Ecuador’s consumption habits and soon this Hawaiian variety becomes one of the country’s favorite.


- 1982 -

First pineapple exports to Chile.


- 1986 -

Abaca’s world market collapses and severely affects large-scale investment for this crop.


- 1988 -

Terra-Sol becomes sales representative for ASD of Costa Rica for high yielding oil palm planting material in Ecuador, offering certified plants and seeds to oil palm producers and initiating its own cultivating business. The varieties introduced by ASD in Ecuador increase the efficiency and productivity of the oil palm producers.

Terra-Sol also acquires and plants its own oil palm and becomes Ecuador’s  largest independent oil palm producer.

First pineapple exports to the United States and Europe through the largest banana export company in Ecuador.


- 1990 -

Terra-Sol introduces Maracuya to Ecuador and this crop is produced for the first time on a large scale in Ecuador. Today, the company no longer produces it, but the importance of its legacy marked the development of a whole industry. Today Ecuador is the largest Maracuya pulp exporter in the world.


- 1994 -

Raw palm oil extraction plant “La Sexta” is acquired.


- 1998 -

Terra-Sol Introduces the MD-2 pineapple variety, the market’s new favorite.


During this decade, intense studies of other crops, such as turmeric, ginger, malanga, achiote, cardamom and others were explored.


- 2001 -

A commercial agreement between pineapple importer Interfruit from Germany is signed. Up until today, Interfruit remains as one of its main customers.


- 2003 -

Solo Sunrise Papayas are  exported for the first time abroad to Europe and Canada. Terra-Sol becomes the largest Papaya exporter out of Ecuador and one the world’s largest papaya suppliers.


- 2005 -

Terra-Sol establishes the plantain business unit with high yielding planting material imported from Guatemala and under advanced technical parameters.


- 2006 -

Raw oil extraction plant “La Sexta” is sold.


- 2016 -

French fruit and vegetable importer SIIM (Societé Internationale d’ Importation) becomes  Terra-Sol’s shareholder.

First decades of the 21st Century


Edward M. Evans

President for Life

Cody P. Evans


(with Terra-Sol since 1997)

Nicolás de Reiset

General Manager

(with Terra-Sol since 2012)

Guillermo Loor

Human Resources

(with Terra-Sol since 1972)

Ricardo Castrillon

Financial Manager

(with Terra-Sol since 1997)

Roberto Castillo

Commercial Manager

(with Terra-Sol since 2003)